Quartz is having marvellous properties and that is why we can count ample of Usage.
Glass industry is our one of the strongest customers (in terms of volumes). We cater to all the segments of glass, ranging from Borosilicate glass to lead Crystal; from glass containers to television picture tube shell, from sheet glass to float glass, from antique glass to specialized glass. We are able to provide any size of sand to our customers.

We cater to all the segments of ceramics, viz., vitrified tiles, porcelain, bone china, sanitary ware, frits, glaze, glazed tiles, insulators, industrial ceramics, etc. Material is available in a range from lumps to fine powder and flours.

Diamond Stone Industries is the leading supplier of Quartz to the compound engineered or solid surface stone or the Quartz surface top. We export our best quality Indian glassy, glazy and milky Quartz & Quartzite to majority of the leading producers of optical and Electronic Equipments.

Acidic ramming mass is prepared from the Granules of Pure Quartz and used in the lining of induction furnaces. Quality of Acidic Ramming mass is directly related to the heating performance of the furnaces. We cater to all types of coreless induction furnaces, specially melting heavy metals, requiring high melting temperature.

Construction Chemicals:-
Various Property of quartz result its used in Construction chemicals, we have full capability to cater any requirement from this Industry.

Oil and well drilling industry, water treatment plants, pebbles and Sculpture, decorative items.