Diamond the Quartz Kingdom

Diamond stone industries is one of the venture of Mark group also known as "The Quartz Kingdom". Presently, we are into processing of Quartz silica sand, Quartz silica powder, Quartz silica lumps and Silica sand (WSS). Moreover, we are counted among the prime Silica exporters in all over the world. Our strength is into retaining long term customer relationship by providing them finest possible quality. We achieved our strength by prioritizing two vital things; first workers' safety and second technological advancement which ultimately differentiate us into the market. Apart from that our wide spread combined silica mines all over India making us capable to produce 300 MT per day. We developed our infrastructure at Malpur taluka located in Aravalli district of Gujarat state of India with object to process high class quartz and other crucial minerals. By using all available resources we have, we want to support you in every phase of your journey.

Our Core Products

Quartz Silica Sand

Quartz Silica Powder

Quartz Silica Lumps

Silica Sand

Quartz, second most common of all minerals is composed of silicon dioxide, Silica, SiO2 and other component, distributed all over the world as a constituent of rocks and in the form of pure deposits. It is an essential constituent of igneous rocks such as granite, hyalite and pegmatite, which contain an excess of silica. Quartz is also the primary constituent of sand. The size of the crystals varies from specimens weighing a metric ton to minute particles that sparkle in rock surfaces. The minerals have a hardness of 7 on Moh scale and specific gravity of 2.65. The lustre in some specimens is vitreous; in others it is greasy or resplendent (shining glossily). Some specimens are transparent, glassy, and glazy; others are translucent. In the pure form the minerals are colourless but, it is commonly colors by impurities.

"Close to 70 percent of all sand grains on the earth are made of Quartz"